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Raw as fuck Finnish BM for fans of early Gorgoroth. Latest album of ugly misanthropic German BM. Certainly their most varied release while losing none of the raw edge and atmospheres of old.

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Features contribution from Sin Nanna Striborg. Heavy gatefold sleeve. Line up on this recording Noktu and Malefic Xasthur Limited copies. Vinyl version coming soon. We just have some copies for the distro. No trades!

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No post is coming in or out until the middle of next week. Expect distro update before the New Year. Comes in digipack with 16 page booklet. Perfect for the long dark nights that are now upon us. Now in standard Cd format with two bonus tracks including a cover of Emperor's "Night of the Graveless Souls". This edition is limited to copies.

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Limited quantity also available with exclusive 3"x 4" embroidered patch. Rather than try to describe this great album check out a preview here Over 30 minutes including video clip. More details to follow. Distro updated. Comes in g card sleeve with printed inner sleeve and poster. First copies come with 3" X 4" embroidered logo patch. Check out the audio here: www. Test press was approved today. Prepare for a time capsule back to early nineties Norway! Thanks to everyone who purchased the recent releases. All are still available including the swirl vinyls.

If you emailed us and haven't heard back please resend as I was struggling to keep up at times and may have overlooked your message. Distro will definitely be updated next week with loads of great new bits from NWN!

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  • The LP contains both 7" EP's they released for Peaceville collector's club and Relapse along with a bonus live track they would often do as an encore at Autopsy shows. All tracks appear on LP for the first time. Wholesale orders will get one swirl LP for every 10 copies. Just mail us with what you need. Invictus Productions. Regain Records. Tyrant Syndicate. Serpens Caput. Osmose Productions. Nebelfee Klangwerke. Cult NS black metal. Darker Than Black. Hells Headbangers. Nuclear Blast.

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