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McMullin suggested that many Mormons may be moving away from the Republican Party, but most remain firmly committed to conservatism. Many tend to be conservative and they're still committed to foundational American values. In fact, those values are central to their conservatism," said McMullin. Those values, according to McMullin, include a belief that all people "have equal value in the eyes of God; we're created free and therefore governments should be accountable to us.

Mormons For Obama Launch Their Own "Missionary Effort"

Utah Rep. John Curtis, a Republican and former Utah county Democratic Party chairman, pointed to several components of Latter-day Saint culture which tend to lead them away from liberalism and toward the Republican Party. Abortion is one I think would really jump out. Beltway Confidential.

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  7. Washington Secrets. Friday October 11, McSally allies plead for air cover as Democratic Republican Party.

    Donald Trump. More Washington Examiner. Friday October 11, The work experience of the candidate President Trump is likely to tap for a health innovation slot threatens to trigger politically volatile discussions about end-of-life care among Republicans.

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    Thursday October 10, CNN host Chris Cuomo joked about adopting female pronouns during the network's marathon presidential town hall series on gay rights. CNN anchor Chris Cuomo apologized on social media for jokingly agreeing with presidential hopeful Kamala Harris that their preferred pronouns are "she, her, and hers. A black trans woman snatched the microphone from a woman asking a question at CNN's town hall focusing on gay and transgender issues to slam the network for silencing trans people.

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    5. A Diplomat's Dilemma Joel Gehrke. How Kurt Volker ended up at the center of the Ukraine scandal despite the best intentions. Trump trade deal struggling at the Mexican border Sean Higgins. President Trump's United States-Mexico-Canada Agreement on trade is one thing the White House would rather not see stuck at the southern border, yet it's been trapped there for months. Reid compared the GOP candidate unfavorably to his late father, George Romney, who was governor of Michigan and a failed candidate for president. Reid recalled taking his family to church and being told by his son that a high school friend had urged him to join the Young Republicans.

      Mormons want to save the Republican party's soul. But is it too late?

      In Arizona, state Sen. Since the Democrats Caucus got started in Utah with just 12 members last year, more than 2, people have joined. Janis said he fervently hopes President Obama is reelected. But he entertains a fantasy scenario if Romney wins. About Us. Throughout the 19th century, followers of Joseph Smith were repeatedly expelled from lands by people who saw them as strange, foreign invaders, with some opponents even declaring them non-white.

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      Angry, anti-Mormon mobs eventually murdered Smith during his short-lived campaign for president, and longstanding tensions between his flock and the U. So intense was the American rejection of Mormonism that the U. In Utah, the First Amendment still matters. That will not change so long as I remain governor.

      Mormonism Crash Course: Secrets the LDS won't tell you!

      Trump, for his part, has tried harder to appeal to Mormon sensibilities since invoking his Muslim ban, launching a series of attacks on opponents that cast them as somehow un-Mormon.