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Acne can also occur on other parts of the body, including the chest and back. What is Acne? Whitehead: A closed comedone whitehead occurs when the trapped oil and bacteria remain below the skin surface.

Teenage acne: Understanding causes, types and treatment options

Whiteheads appear as small white spots. Why is this happening?! This is where face mapping saves the day and your sanity.

In order to fight pesky little forehead zits, make sure to get at least hours of sleep each night and relax on the processed food or junk food. Also, opting for cooler items like cucumbers is a great way to combat forehead pimples.

What Causes Acne Breakouts?

In between your eyebrows. Booze, greasy food, dairy and sugar can be the reason pimples are popping up between your brows. Since this area is linked with your liver, make sure that you cut out any unhealthy foods or drinks and get at least 30 minutes of light exercise each day. Around your eyes. Any type of acne or discoloration including dark circles around your eyes can be linked to dehydration.

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Making sure to drink enough water and stay hydrated is a great way to keep zits away from your eye area. On your cheeks. Since your cheeks are linked to your respiratory system, breaking out in this area may have something to do with smoking, having allergies or letting your body overheat. Pick up your products during regular clinic hours OR have them delivered to your home. Cancellation Procedure.

Adult Acne: Why It Occurs and How to Get Rid of It

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Learn what causes acne in teenagers

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