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Sands, PhD. He is head of sports biomechanics and engineering for the United States Olympic Committee.

ISBN 13: 9781932549003

He has coached numerous Olympic and world championship gymnasts. Used by many of the best coaches around the world it is a go-to guide that should be on any shelf of a serious coach. High-Performance Training for Sports will help you build robust athletes and develop athletic capacity, whatever your sport. It will aid you in getting stronger but also propel your sporting performances. He has fantastic experience working with a variety of elite athletes across a variety of sports clubs including, Team China in the Olympics, specifically working with the national rowing, swimming, diving, table tennis, gymnastics and water polo teams.

As the balance of evidence-based advice and practical insight is presented in such depth and with such clarity while each chapter still manages to maintain the personality and style of the author. Science and Practice of Strength Training, 2nd Edition is designed for serious readers who are willing to not only remember and repeat but also to understand and put the information to use.

The book acknowledges no one programme will work for all athletes all the time. Thus there is no single best programme. The best programmes are those based on solid principles and concepts with the understanding that change is inevitable. This book addresses these principals and the complexity of strength training while providing straightforward approaches for specific circumstances. Perhaps surprisingly this book has fewer references than many of our other academic titles, this is because the authors took a very practical approach when writing it.

Together the authors have trained more than 1, elite athletes, including Olympic, world, continental and national champions and record holders. The concepts they divulge are influenced by both Eastern European and North American perspectives. The authors integrate those concepts in solid principles, practical insights, coaching experiences and directions based on scientific findings.

Science and Practice of Strength Training, 2nd Edition is used widely and regularly by strength coaches, students and self-teaching athletes. He made his name as a strength and conditioning consultant for Olympic teams from the former Soviet Union, where he worked for 26 years.

Zatsiorsky has trained hundreds of world-class athletes. Kraemer has authored and co-authored over peer-reviewed manuscripts in the scientific literature related to sports science. This 5th edition has been a major resource for sports science students, coaches and athletes from all over the world and has been translated into six languages.

The Ultimate Guide to Weight Training for Baseball

He developed the concept of periodisation of strength in Romania in His training methods are applied across a range of sports. In only 8 years of international coaching, his athletes have won 11 medals 4 gold in Olympic Games and World Championships and 22 national championships titles.

He is the only coach who has produced Olympic and World champions in two different sports: track and field and rowing. Bompa has received 22 honours and awards, 19 of them internationally. This book is highly recommended if you want to know more about tapering, peaking, training cycles, programme planning, strength development and periodisation in general.

Strength Training For Young Athletes - Cincinnati Children's

This authoritative textbook compiles and reviews virtually every study ever published on hypertrophy the reference list has citations. The book is written in a very accessible, applicable way. Although muscle hypertrophy can be attained through a range of training programmes, this text allows readers to understand and apply the specific responses and mechanisms that promote optimal muscle hypertrophy in their athletes and clients.

The ultimate workout program to be an all-around athlete | Muscle & Fitness

It explores how genetic background, age, sex and other factors have been shown to mediate the hypertrophic response to exercise affecting both the rate and the total gain in lean muscle mass. Sample programmes in the text show how to design a three or four-day-per-week undulating periodised programme and a modified linear periodised programme for maximizing muscular development.

It has been adopted by Universities all over the world and is undoubtedly the best book in the world dedicated to hypertrophy. We would recommend this book to anybody who wants to understand the science behind putting on size. This book has over full-colour illustrations that reveal the primary muscles worked in a variety of exercises along with all the relevant surrounding structures including bones, ligaments, tendons and connective tissue.

The anatomical depictions show both superficial and deep layers. It also details how various setup positions affect muscle recruitment and emphasise underlying structures. Often one of the first books people buy when they are getting into strength training. It is particularly popular with bodybuilders and those with an interest in anatomy. Bodyweight Strength Training Anatomy by Bret Contreras is also one of the best selling strength training books.

Academic in nature but anyone who has a good basic knowledge of strength training will benefit from reading this book to further enhance their knowledge base. The popularity of this book is, in part, down to its fantastic explanation of key theories, concepts and scientific principles of strength training and conditioning as well as their direct application to athletic competition and performance, all explained by expert contributors. Its scope, precision and dependability make it a definitive reference for strength and conditioning professionals to consult in their everyday practice.

Although not as colourful as perhaps The Modern Art of High-Intensity Training or Strength Training Anatomy , however for an academic textbook it has excellent quality colour pictures, charts and tables. Essentials of Strength Training and Conditioning, Fourth Edition, offers an expanded ancillary package. Below is an example of one of the resistance training videos, here you can see the female athlete performing a back squat with two spotters and a single spotter.

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Read more about our ancillaries in our post Human Kinetics ancillaries and how to access them. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed. Stone, Meg E. In addition to being an internationally recognized fitness expert, Rob also holds a Juris Doctorate from The Ohio State University where he was honored as one of ten Moritz Scholars.

The 12 best strength training books

Rob Price. It contains descriptions and photographs of nearly of the most effective weight training, flexibility, and abdominal exercises used by athletes worldwide. This book features year round soccer-specific weight training programs guaranteed to improve your performance and get you results. BicepsForearms Exercises. Perfecting Your Technique.