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The Lonely Girl (Lonely Girl Series) by Gracie Wilson

I could see planks of fine white wood with beautiful knots of deeper color, and golden heaps of sawdust on a floor, while he fumed about the profit which one man made. In the morning my aunt brought me tea and said that the priest had sent over word that he was expecting me.

I dressed and left the house around eleven. My father had stayed in bed that morning and Mad Maura ran to the village for a half-bottle of whiskey, on tick. Always when I escaped from the house I felt a rush of vitality and hope, as if there was still a chance that I might escape and live my life the way I wanted to. It was a bright windy morning, the fields vividly green, the sky a delicate green-blue, and the hills behind the fields smoke-gray.

I was too afraid, and anyhow, I thought that no one would ever find out.

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The fields along the road were struck into winter silence, a few were plowed and the plowed earth looked very, very dead and brown. If only I could fly, I thought as I watched the birds flying and then perching for a second on thorn bushes and ivied piers. I cycled slowly, not being in any great hurry. It was very quiet except for the humming of electric wires. Thick black posts carrying electric wires marched across the fields and the wires hummed a constant note of windy music.

At the bottom of Goolin Hill I got off the bicycle and pushed it slowly up; then halfway I stood to look at the ruined pink mansion on the hill. It had been a legend in my life, the pink mansion with the rhododendron trees all around it and a gray gazebo set a little away from the house.

A rusted gate stood chained between two limestone piers, and the avenue had disappeared altogether. I thought of Mama. She had often told me of the big ball she went to in that mansion when she was a young girl. It had been the highlight of her whole life, coming across at night, in a rowboat, from her home in the Shannon island, changing her shoes in the avenue, hiding her old ones and her raincoat under a tree.

The rhododendrons had been in bloom, dark-red rhododendrons; she remembered their color, and the names of all the boys she danced with. They had supper in a long dining room, and there were dishes of carved beef on the sideboard.

The Lonely Girl

Someone made up a song about Mama that night and it was engraved on her memory every after. Bookmark the permalink. Unbelievably assured for a first novel. Good luck with your report! Your email address will not be published. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed. The Sheila Variations.

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The Lonely Girl and the Pallid Moon

The Famous St. My heart began to race, but I did not say anything.

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My aunt put them in a paper bag and he went off, swearing. We had no idea where he came from. I went to sleep wondering if I would ever see him again. December 5, at pm. Im guessing its an interesting book!!! Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published. Search for:. Tweets by sheilakathleen. Load More Follow on Instagram. Television Theatre Writers. Full Writing Archive. I Nymphomaniac: Vol. Proudly powered by WordPress. Reading this on a mobile? Click here to watch video.

This was such a difficult choice. In the end, I had to go with a band that have owned my soul for a fair few years now and who have really helped me change the way I listen to music. When I'm ever in doubt about what to listen to, I'll choose this song. Uplifting and very Bruce Springsteen-esque, Drive All Night is all about fighting for what you want and believe in.

I often lose optimism when things aren't going the way I want them to, but I like to think I never give up. What was the first song you ever bought? What song always gets you dancing? Bombay Bicycle Club — Shuffle Too many to choose from, but Bombay Bicycle Club have relentlessly soundtracked my "getting ready" routine ever since they released Shuffle. What song takes you back to your childhood? Stereophonics — More Life in a Tramp's Vest In the family car we had a few albums on rotation — Madonna, Erasure and Michael Jackson all featured heavily on long journeys, but Stereophonics' album Word Gets Around made the biggest impression on this little eight-year-old.

Love for the Lonely Girl

What is your perfect love song? Sleeping at Last — Turning Page I remember hearing this song for the first time and being unable to even comprehend that this kind of love even existed. What song would you want at your funeral? Dave Matthews Band — The Space Between Though it doesn't get more morbid than wondering which song you'd like played at your own funeral, I would prefer to have a song by a band I have loved for as long as I can remember.

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