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Her powers are fading. And Carol Danvers has never felt more lost.

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Is he alive? Who can tell? Whatever he is, he IS Iron Man. Or loved.

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Because Tony might be dead. The robot revolution has begun. So suit up, fleshbags.


Suit up or die. Now the world will try to get between them once again. And with the Widow missing memories, she may find herself losing the only person who would have forgiven her for what she has to do next. The universe is dying, and All-Father Thor is its only hope.

But to save all life, the greatest god in history must defeat the one person who has always managed to escape his wrath — and that was before he got his hands on the weapon that almost killed three generations of Thor and stripped the God of Thunder of his legendary hammer. Loki, God of Lies, wielder of All-Black the Necrosword, finally faces his brother at the end of all time!

But when one of those relics awakens and begins wreaking havoc in the halls, will Doctor Strange be able to wrangle back control…or will his Sanctum be transformed into his own personal hell? Is even Loki clever enough to stay one step ahead this time? Frank recruits the Black Knight for his mission of vengeance! The closer they get to the end, the more dangerous the mission becomes… 32 PGS.

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The one woman alive who might have the answers is Annabelle Riggs - but will she be on this side of the grave for long? Is it a super villain…or a savior? Reality-spanning espionage, defense and black ops, all backed by Vibranium-laced technology and the will to use it.

The Agents of Wakanda are our first line of defense in a world under siege from all sides. The Intergalactic Empire of Wakanda has come to Earth! Because if Quill goes into the timestream, all of space-time is at risk! In this issue: Squirrel Girl faces off against her arch nemesis, with just some friends and a dressed-only-in-his-underwear Tony Stark at her side. Can she win??

Please enjoy the several SEVERAL shocking twists in this issue, including the already established as shocking return of a beloved character! Now, they have to live up to it, as the future of the Champions hangs in the balance. Something is very wrong with Daimon Hellstrom.

Can Kamala survive a zombie invasion AND an all-too-literal corporate merger? Tensions are high, but batteries are low. Will this team-up all sign on together, or log off separately? What does the mysterious Dr. Necker want? Find out in our final issue! Solicit text would not lie! But how will this unknown element disrupt their delicate team chemistry? Who opts out, and who gets left out?

Then, classic character Namora takes center stage in the ultimate beach read!

EVE L. But they find themselves confronting the full force of the Ten Rings, and for Riri, the identity of one Ten Rings member hits a little too close to home. But Conan may get more than he bargained for as the startling truth behind the quest is uncovered! Set before Robert E. And who is the mysterious man who seems to know about her past? But what lies beyond? And find out the secret history of the Crimson Witch and her mysterious underlings! All rights reserved. Used under authorization. The lives of thousands of rebels hang in the balance as our heroes grapple with their greatest doubts and challenges!

But as Cere moves to help end the local war, she will come face to face with the last person she expects!

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What secrets lie in the hidden temple of Ontotho? The race is on to find out.

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What villainous use has the dark lord found for her, to make him spare the life of his most annoying foe? Brought together by Nick Fury, head of the elite espionage agency S. The Ultimates are in for the battle of the century — and not all of them will walk away! The life of Peter Parker and that of his ever-amazing alter ego are about to collide in major fashion in this all-new take on the world of the wallcrawler, filled with fan-favorite characters — including Mary Jane, Aunt May, Norman Osborn, Otto Octavius and Miles Morales — spun into an unexpected web of drama, spectacle and classic action in the Mighty Marvel Manner!

Learn how the words and the world of a blockbuster hit video game are crafted, and feast your eyes on a wealth of bonus content, via text and art from the team at Insomniac Games and fan-favorite Marvel writers such as Christos Gage! And first up are the heroes and villains of the days of the Old Republic!

Witness the moments that define them, the incredible battles that shaped them — and their eternal conflict between light and darkness! Torn from the pages of the Ultimate Fantastic Four! It took them only hours to destroy life as we know it — but what happens when they run out of humans to eat?! Follow their search for more food, and witness the arrival of the Silver Surfer! Collecting Marvel Zombies Forty years have passed, and the undead former heroes have come back home after eating just about everything else in the universe. But does anything exist on the world they picked barren decades ago?

Interdimensional defense agency A. The squabbling duo only have eight hours to obtain the blood needed to create an anti-zombie serum and defeat the undead epidemic. Now, Marvel proudly presents 12 gorgeous, full-color reproductions of some of his most iconic works from the House of Ideas — all in a stunning hardcover case.

Visionary writer Brian Michael Bendis completes his eighteen-year association with wall-crawlers by bringing the Ultimate Spider-Man to a brand-new life on a brand-new world — and not everything is how it was! Miles will have to find his feet quickly, though, when he goes up against one of the biggest bads in the Marvel Universe! Then, the villainous Black Cat plots to get her claws in this new Spidey — but will Miles find romance with the other-dimensional Spider-Gwen?

And a familiar face returns — along with an all-new, all-deadly Sinister Six! As Professor X grows paranoid and withdrawn, the X-Men split up — leaving only a small team to aid a friend. Only the Twelve, a gathering of mutants foretold to save the world, might turn the tide — but Apocalypse plans to use them to become a god! Who will make the ultimate sacrifice to prevent the Ages of Apocalypse from becoming a horrifying reality?

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  7. Carol Danvers is one of the mightiest heroes, not just on Earth but in the entire galaxy! Now learn exactly how she became the woman she is — the Avenger she is — in the definitive origin of Captain Marvel! Suffering sudden, crippling anxiety attacks, Carol finds herself reliving memories of a life she thought was far behind her. But while Carol takes a temporary leave from duty to unravel her past, trouble comes looking for her — and her sleepy coastal town! Wakanda Forever! Then, before us all, the Fourth Host of the Celestials will descend to lay down their judgment — and both man and god may be found wanting.

    Finally, the day of reckoning arrives as an international tribunal tries Magneto for crimes against humanity. Stories that sought to raise the bar for comic-book storytelling. Stories that plumb the human condition, expand the language of comics — and shock your pants off.