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Sora gains agility, but has limited access to commands. Strength Burst III. It was said that beating this Spirit would bring one luck. Illustrated King Mickey. They encounter Sora and Riku in Traverse Town.

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Don't get crushed by its full-body attack! He lures Sora into Castle Oblivion to try and steal his power. Merciless Thorns. He's good friends with Lea. He seems to be planning something with his friend Isa. She, Roxas, and Axel are good friends. Sleeping Beauty A powerful witch rumored to have manipulated the Heartless to destroy numerous worlds.

Strength Trinity M. Strength Trinity P. Dark Dual Disaster. Dark Thunder Raid. His dreams are composed of Sora's memories. Aladdin The Royal Vizier of Agrabah. A sinister man, he'll stop at nothing to get what he wants. Aladdin An all-powerful genie. Jafar steals the lamp and uses his final wish to achieve this transformation.

Strength Boost III. Heaven's Flair. Alice in Wonderland A girl who wandered into Wonderland and a grinning cat who utters cryptic words. Defense Burst M II. Sword of the Vortex. She speaks in single words or very short phrases. He loves to play with his best friend Riku. He feels the power of the Keyblade within himself. She has the purest of hearts. He dreamed of going off to the outside world. Steamboat Willie The king of Disney Castle. He abandoned his training to try and save the worlds.

The Little Mermaid The moray eel minions of the sea witch, Ursula.

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Both are intelligent and wicked. Quite the team player. He appeared suddenly in front of Sora. Beauty and the Beast A spoiled prince who was turned into a beast and a young woman who sees his kind nature. Defense Burst S II. Aladdin A sarcastic and selfish parrot. He spies on the residents of Agrabah for Jafar. Pinocchio An enormous whale that lives at the bottom of the ocean. He swallows everything in sight. Defense Boost PSM. Circle of Innocence. Cinderella A girl who believes dreams come true.

Though treated poorly by her stepfamily, she stays strong. Heroic Hybrid II. A cheerful young boy and his Nobody. The Sorcerer's Apprentice King Mickey cast a spell on these brooms and turned them into hard workers. He has the power to wield the Keyblade. Strength Sap Plus.

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Cinderella Cinderella's wicked stepmother and her two daughters, Anastasia and Drizella. Illustrated Halloween Sora. Defense Burst P II. Aladdin A young man from Agrabah, and a bubbly, boisterous character who lives inside a magic lamp. He meets Aqua in the realm of darkness. Illustrated Donald A. Key Art "Bonds". Key Art "Beginning". Sleeping Beauty Maleficent's form after the darkness in her heart was unlocked by the Keyblade's power. Darkness's End. Colossal Darkness.

He commands fire and carries a uniquely-shaped weapon.

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Prison of Flames. Spinning Shadows.

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Glacial Arrows Thunder. Fantasia A giant demon from the earth's depths that emerged from an erupting volcano. Defense Burst S Plus. Defense Burst M Plus. Defense Burst P Plus. They're often seen hanging out together. Defense Burst Plus. Winnie the Pooh and the Blustery Day Pooh's friend who loves to bounce and at times causes mayhem.

Winnie the Pooh and the Honey Tree Pooh's friend who often tends to his garden and helps out others when needed. Ventus's body is controlled by Vanitas. Illustrated Pride Lands Sora. He fights Heartless in the realm of darkness. She battles Roxas in this form.

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She's good friends with Axel and Roxas. Illustrated Donald B. Pumpkin Pummel EX. The World Ends with You Art. Restorative Burst. Illustrated Kairi [EX]. Nature's Favor. Illustrated Marluxia [EX]. He's appointed leader by the Master. She's tasked by the Master to monitor the other foretellers. Serpent's Illusion. He's tasked by the Master to support Ira.

He's tasked by the Master to find the traitor. She's tasked by the Master to gather the best wielders.