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Your child will get their nutrients over the course of days and weeks from the different foods they eat. Do the best with what you have, when you can, and let go of the rest. Schedules are BUSY with sports, work, school activities, homework, etc. I get it. And often actually makes it feel even crazier because of the time crunch to get everyone dressed, fed, and out the door on time in the morning.

My husband will work on dishes and I help Milo and Sophie pack their lunches. Any time you can spend in the evening will give you more time in the morning.

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At our house, we all clear the dinner table dishes and, while my husband loads the dishwasher, the kids and I get started on lunches and snacks for the next day. My thought is that, once everyone is in the routine, many hands make quicker work. It helps when they have a list of ideas to choose from and they know the formula we use for packing lunches. On that note…. I shared this in our lunch ideas post , but when packing our lunches, we shoot for a rough formula for a balanced meal. I only choose kinds of lunches to pack each week. Plus, cycling through choices frees up decision making time and maintains enough variety to keep things interesting for your kids.

Our basic formula is:. You can get a free printable cheat sheet of our lunch formula and all the tips for how we make that work here. Keep a basket of grab-and-go items in your pantry or set aside a lower section of your fridge with options your kids can easily grab. Make it as easy as possible for your kids to be involved.


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My Top 5 Hacks for Packing School Lunches

Close View all gallery. Oh wow, free lunches? I certainly hope this printable is helpful to you after you move. Blessings to you, Jessica!

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Loved this post! I appreciate the creative ideas. Thank you for those kind words, Angela!

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  5. Lots of great ideas! My daughter loves her lunchbox that has different small compartments too.

    5 Quick, Easy and Healthy School Lunch Ideas + 40+ Recipes To Try

    I always appreciate lunch ideas. Thank you so much for sharing this with us at Savoring Saturdays linky party. We always appreciate you sharing with us. Great point about the week looking pretty much the same produce wise-much more practical than having too much variety, and ending up wasting food. Thank you for stopping by Maureen!

    So glad you enjoyed the wise produce tip within this article. What fabulous tips.

    I love the tip about stocking the freezer. Pre-made muffins and snacks make the world of difference to our days.

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    Thanks Jennifer for your kind words! Whether you send your kids to school with their lunch or serve it to them at home each day, we all need new ideas every now and again! Thanks for sharing this! That is so great to hear, Stefani! PS…Our children are no longer toddlers, but we remember how difficult it can be to feed them balanced meals. Stick with it! A fantastic list, I pinned it. I share your view on the healthy eating habits.

    Good point regarding portion sizes! I am not a fan of including a treat with a lunch, we try to reserve treats for after dinner, as a once a day habit.