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And then the song stopped. As if awoken from a daze, Naruto looked around him to find that others were watching them, their eyes changing course as Naruto looked up. He looked up at Sasuke. Before Naruto had the chance to go after her, another notably beautiful girl tried to garner his attention. Naruto looked at the girl for just an instant. Nearly an hour passed, and Naruto had had three different dance partners since Sasuke had left. It was an apt comparison. Sasuke seemed to affect his body just like any drug would. He noticed that people a few feet away from them had stopped dancing, looking forward at something.

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The music suddenly lost about half of its volume; the staff must have turned it down. That was all that Naruto needed to hear. With laser focus, he navigated through the crowd to the source of the voice. These sorts of people made him sick. No one would ever be called that if he had any say in the matter, and Naruto was about to teach these people a lesson.

He made it through a few more people to finally find an empty spot on the dance floor. In it was three large men and Sasuke. Sasuke stood, just as proudly as ever, with the shoulder strap of her dress ripped. A small amount of stuffing had made its way out of her bra, revealing a flat chest beneath it. Naruto froze in shock. She stumbled backwards a couple steps, the man looking at her and smirking.

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Sasuke propelled herself forward, decking the man in the face. Clearly somewhat drunk, he took a few steps back. The chubby man that Sasuke had brought to his knees had risen up. He punched Sasuke in the face, and her lip split, a dribble of blood making its way down her chin.

Clearly, this ignited a spark in Sasuke. She quickly delivered a right hook followed by an uppercut. The two other men closed on Sasuke, and Naruto ran up to both of the men. He grabbed them by their shirts, pulled them away, and clocked both of them. Sasuke and Naruto were backed together, punching, headbutting, and kicking where they could as those three men attacked. They were dealing out far more damage than they were taking, but no one was safe.

In just seconds, security guards plowed through the crowds, shouting. The three men raced off into the crowd, with a security guard fresh on their tail. But this woman was just sexually harassed! You punish them?! It was Sasuke.

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Her lip was split open, her cheek was bruised, and her dress was ripped. She turned away and made a beeline for the exit. Naruto followed close behind. Finally, they were outside, the frigid air air giving both of them goosebumps. Sasuke turned around the instant they passed the threshold, glaring at Naruto. Her wounds made her stare absolutely terrifying. Whatever fury Sasuke felt clearly had yet to leave her system.

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Sasuke laughed, but it was bitter and venomous. My white knight or some shit?

I only did what any decent human being would do. Finally, she huffed, leaning back against the club wall. In a way, you did me a favor. Sasuke stared at Naruto for a few seconds, likely to determine whether or not he could be trusted. Finally, she sighed, taking the jacket from Naruto.

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She placed it over her shoulders and hid her chest. Sasuke stopped cold, holding eye contact with Naruto as her bottom lip twitched, ever so slightly. As a member of the trans community genderqueer , I've always wanted to write something like this. I hope that I handled the subject matter with all of the sensitivity and respect that it deserves. Main Content While we've done our best to make the core functionality of this site accessible without javascript, it will work better with it enabled.

Get an Invitation. Notes: See the end of the work for notes.

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Work Text: Trance music boomed over the speakers as Naruto sipped on his A. Naruto tried to hide his surprise when he discovered that it cost more than his lunch. Could I have a gin and Sprite?

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She initiated conversation? Naruto had a tough time looking at her without feeling a little intimidated.

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