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Meanwhile the entire world awaits the arrival of the necromancer's armies and the end of all life if he is not defeated.

It seemed like such a simple task at first, for a powerful elemental wizard like Alan. Simply go to the mountain where he hope an ancient lay sleeping, send in his elemental servants, and have them tap on a an ancient wizard's tomb.

Of Dark Elves and Dragons

Such a very simple, if dangerous task. But then things are seldom as simple as they appear.

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He never expected to awaken an entire family of ancient wizards, and after that thousands more. All rights reserved. This site is a part of Wikia, Inc.

High elves or Dark elves

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Combat Tips Dark Elves move fast and love to juggle with back flips, so controlling them is of utmost priority. Dark Elves are also rather cocky, taunting you frequently.

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Use these few seconds to go on the offensive! Lightning Dark Elf. Attacks Backflips and kicks the player into the air A spin kick that knocks players back and staggers them Can perform recovery attacks when knocked down Infrequently swipes with her claws Lightning Bolt , causes electrocution Summons 1 or 2 orbs of lightning.

The lightning orbs fire lightning bolts at targets.

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Causes electrocution. Combat Tips.