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They provide an open environment for generating new ideas and they tend to improve employee engagement and satisfaction. We may end up having teams for the sake of teams—as mere forums for employee input as a means to keep the troops happy without a full organizational commitment to translate that input into something meaningful. This approach is often a waste of time.

The Link Resource Group is dedicated to helping you bring the true value of team back to the organization.

Motivation and Discipline: How Managers Can Use Both to Lead a Successful Team

We help you focus not just on creating teams but on creating the right team, made up of members who contribute much-needed skills and who have the potential to work well together. In the process, you will rediscover the true value of team again:.

Link Resource Group has over ten years of experience helping leaders and organizations do just that. First Name.

2. First Who, Then What

Email Address. Skip to content. Published with permission. See full testimonial here. Increasing Accountability, Collaboration and Discipline These days, most of us understand that effective teams bring value to an organization. In the process, you will rediscover the true value of team again: Consistent discipline — regular team meetings, goals, and assignments lead to real results, just as regular visits to the gym or running track delivers an athlete who is able to convert on game day.

Increased accountability — a healthy team actively engages assignments in order to deliver—to keep their end of the deal and to help move the ball forward. Effective collaboration — a team built on trust, rather than power grabs, generates creative ideas and useful synergies that can only occur in an inspired group setting. What are your qualifications?

The Core Skills Needed to Manage Your Team

I am a master certified coach MCC. Master certified coaches have counseled over clients, accumulating over total coaching hours; passed a rigorous oral and written exam; and keep their credential current with a minimum of 40 continuing education hours every three years.

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Guide Leading Well Disciplined Teams to High Performance

I have over a decade of coaching experience, and my clients report a more effective approach to leadership and a more satisfying and meaningful career and life path. A deeper dive into the client allowed me to discover that there was a lot of frustration among the troops. This happens all the time. The CEO or leader does not have the complete story.

Their leadership discipline does not allow for complete transparency. So how do you become a disciplined leader?

The 7 Disciplines of High Performing Teams with Agile Bob

A disciplined leader creates healthy habits at the interpersonal and organizational level. This checklist can be a powerful tool that ultimately creates the discipline badly needed in an organization. These should be personalized to you. Don't think of generic ones. This step alone will reduce a myriad of frustrations. This is often overlooked, but it's important to create an outlook for your organization, even if you have no idea how you could possibly achieve it.

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Though it sounds basic, most organizations do not have a strategy. A strategy should clearly spell out the value that you bring.

Discipline = Predictability

A cadence is a set of meetings and communications. Start with an annual strategic planning meeting. Add quarterly strategic updates, then monthly objective and goal updates and weekly information meetings.

Characteristics of a High-Performance Team

Then, that one big thing or rallying cry is highlighted and embraced across the organization. Get rid of the annual review process and implement a quarterly employee development plan. This should be a self-assessment and development process that takes no longer than 30 minutes. Leading without discipline can only work in the short term. Adding discipline to your organization will reduce your level of stress and anxiety and improve the overall health of your team and organization. Write down your four leadership principles. Every leader should identify and communicate the top three expectations they have of their direct reports.