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You need to be careful of the source of your reading. You would be amazed at reading habits of some of the most successful people in the world. Check it out on the internet. Reading alone is not enough, you have to be reading and watching the right things. You are probably wasting your time on completely irrelevant content as you do it just for fun. You just need to stay little more focused. Books are your best friends. Try some. Also, knowledge is the only asset that grows by sharing with others.

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You will be at your best. Also, you will attract others because they will feel enriched and upgraded in your company. You deserve this upgrade. So, what are you waiting for, just pick up that book. Find this post on my LinkedIn Profile. More and more people are fighting to be called backward in want of reservations. If the law of attraction holds any truth, they are making India Backward.

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Caste based reservation system CBRS was created in India to help the lower caste section of society to come on par with the upper caste. However, lack of opportunities is multiplying the problem. India is the only country to have a reservation system like this. Whether caste based reservation CBR should be there or not is an inconclusive debate in India.

You can choose any side and defend your stance very convincingly. In , the reservation was increased from To me, the reservation cancer is spreading.

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If the government has done it, there must be some reason behind it. The ideology behind CBR was good and it has produced some good results also but it is also leading to a lot of angst and frustration and my worry is that this system is leading us to a DISASTER in the long term, same way as cancer leads to death if not detected in a timely manner. Something that Dr. Ambedkar introduced to bring equality is now used only for politics.

His vision probably was that India will be free of Caste System by and we will not need any kind of reservations. Here, the story is completely opposite. Some of the signals mentioned above can really lead to disasters of unimaginable magnitude. There are warning signs everywhere.

Politicians chose to ignore because they care about something else. We are living in a short term vision days. Every politician is worried about somehow getting a chair for 5 years. No-one seems to be worried about where we are headed.

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Unfortunately, Caste based politics is their best bet for them. Narrow minded and selfish Political motives are the root-cause of all large scale evils in India.


Few individuals have tried to fight the system from outside and inside. Unfortunately, most of them have become slaves of their own political ambitions and made the game dirtier than ever before. So, who is the saviour?

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That will happen when everyone feels equal. Literacy will make everything a level playing field. Martin Luther King fought for equality — not for reservations. I hope that Government is investing the education cess in the right direction.

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Azim Premji gave away 27, Crore of his personal wealth in educational charities in Nandan and Rohini Nilekani were at 2 and Narayana Murthy at 1 — all donating into education sector. Otherwise they would have implemented reservations in their companies. Education can eradicate the Evils of Caste system. These evils as well as challenges of CBRS should be part of school curriculum.

Indian ruling parties have been messing up with school curriculum based on their own political belief system. This time they should target the right reason. We should Bootstrap people from all segments with education. Government should take up a campaign against Caste system. Unless the caste system is abolished, people will keep fighting for showing themselves as superior caste at one place and inferior caste at another.

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Strong laws against caste system should be made and implemented and taught right from the childhood. If we catch them young, we can change the world as it becomes part of their value system. The world is becoming smaller and flat. In earlier days, a kshatriya was not supposed to study what a Brahmin was studying and a shudra was not supposed to study at all.

Anyone other than kshatriya was not supposed to pick arms. Now, we have come much beyond that. We are in the internet world. Same media and information is available to every human being. Everyone is equal and the law protects their equality. No reservation system can provide jobs to everyone in India.

Pathshala Classes Infants to Seniors August 14, 2016.

Educating them surely can. Every existing reservation should have an end-date and there should be proper objectives and plans in place on how to end this menace. The reservations need to be phased out, not increased. This number is not a joke. The only value they are adding to the country leadership is their Vote.