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5 Tips for Public Speaking with a Stutter

Evans Brown says this about his book: "To all those millions of people who stutter or stammer, young and old, I know how you feel and what you go through every day of your life. My stutter began at the age of seven, and even through consulting doctors and different speech therapists, it stuck with me until the age of thirty five. This is my story. Did you go to this event? Tell the community what you thought about it by posting your comments here! Advertise with Eventfinda.

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Practising calls can help reduce anxiety. Do it anyway. Pick up the phone and make a call, it can boost your self-confidence. Judge the success of a phone call not by how fluent you were but whether you said what you wanted and needed to say. You can also ask for others to take calls — see Reasonable adjustments section. Where a job involves saying set phrases or following a set script, ask your manager for some flexibility around this to make your life easier. Before the meeting What do you want to get out of the meeting? Set yourself some goals to review afterwards. Preparation is key: get familiar with any information sent out before and jot down any points you want to make.

Talk to the Chairperson about how they can help you. You could: Be proactive and go first — job done! Ask the Chair if they could introduce you and everyone else or ask a colleague to introduce you. If you're being interrupted when you stammer, ask for more time. Be kind to yourself, talk to yourself as you would a close friend.

Ask for feedback from a trusted colleague.


Giving Presentations. Prepare what you want to say, structure it, use visuals and infographics. Let the presentation do the hard work. I might want my minute talk to take 20 minutes without questions — you get the idea. Nothing is worse than some annoying speaker, droning on and on. Present in front of a friendly audience.

I would present to my girlfriend now my wife :- when I feel ready. This is the final run-through. I want that final bit of reassurance, and I want critical feedback. Usually, the result is very good.

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Not all the time, but most of the time. Back to the stuttering.

I still lived in fear of another episode. I tried a lot of different things to end the stuttering. Could what I drink help? Could exercise help?

Indian Institute of Speech Therapy

Go for a run before an important presentation. Maybe that would work? Could sex help? At least that was my excuse…. Could breathing exercises help?

Sometimes yes, and sometimes no. One of the people I worked with went on a high protein, reduced carbohydrate diet.

How Stuttering Can Make You A Better Public Speaker - Brett J. Fox

It was the exact opposite of my existing, high complex carbohydrate diet. Many people at work joined in, and so did I. I began almost immediately noticing that my stuttering went away instantly after I had protein. I have no doubt that stuttering arises for many different reasons, and there's no one means of eliminating that will work for everyone. For me, ingesting protein at regular intervals during the day seems to keep my stuttering at bay. Finally, I could again feel confident with my public speaking. I am now, for the past plus years, relatively stutter-free.

I am also a much better public speaker. I have spoken in front of thousands of people. I know the stuttering is always lurking, waiting to rear its ugly head. The harder I tried to speak coherently, the worse it got. I was stuttering for the first time in my life.