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But then a stranger asks for her hand in marriage. Maggie Ramsay has never forgotten Randall Baines, the English lord who tormented her beloved sister when they were children. After her sister is injured in a senseless accident, she decides to make Baines pay for what he did Her brother's mysterious friend joins her as soon as she leaves her clan alone, insisting on keeping her safe, and when they reach Baines's castle, she learns the lord is now an earl and his cruelty to women and lassies has only escalated.

The discovery fills her with a fire that will not be banked. Mary Lennox starts her life as an unhappy victim of circumstance. After the loss of her parents, she moves to rural Yorkshire to live with a distant uncle where she resents the wildness of the countryside. At first, she struggles to find a place in this new existence. Although unsure about her surroundings and its occupants, through the gentle guidance of the maid she gradually becomes interested in the story of Mrs Craven, who apparently used to spend her time in a garden at the house, the key to which has vanished.

Hugo Hunter, a would-be champion who never quite made it, is on his last legs.

Erin the Fire Goddess: Betrayal

Watching ringside for nearly twenty years has been Mark Westerly, a sportswriter who has struggled to keep a professional distance from the man whose life and career have become enmeshed with his own tumultuous trajectory. Wrongly convicted of treason, Gideon Quinn has spent six years harvesting crystal under the killing suns of the Morton Barrens, until the day a general of the Colonial Corps arrives with an offer of freedom, and the chance to clear his name.

Gideon doesn't have to think twice, and with his pet draco Elvis on his shoulder, he takes 'ship for the city of Nike in search of revenge - and justice. But mostly, revenge. What he finds is a dodger named Mia, a city steeped in corruption, and a menace at the heart of the Corps. Deep in the rugged Scottish countryside lies the Highland Targe, an ancient relic that, along with its Guardian, protects the heart of the Highlands. Her niece Rowan MacGregor, the rock of the family, is doing everything she can to hold her clan together when she meets Nicholas fitz Hugh.

Handsome and charming, Nicholas quickly joins clan life - yet he is not what he seems.

Appendix: A Gallery of Archetypes

A cunning spy, Nicholas is charged by the king of England with stealing the Targe, part of a plot to break the Scottish rebellion. Despite his loyalty to the king, Nicholas finds himself falling for beautiful Rowan. Can he betray his king and mission? Or will he turn on the woman he loves and the family he has come to care for? When I saw this book was read by Phil Gigante I had to give it a listen I was delighted to find out this book was good on its own and he made it even better. This book is packed with adventure from the start.

Erin the Fire Goddess- Betrayal- Betrayal ebook by Lavinia Urban

Nicholas is a spy who is sent to the Highlands on a mission only to find out that his love for Rowan is stronger than deception. Nicholas has to prove himself to Rowan as well as the clan. Rowan is a woman who determined, loyal, and learns how to handle the dishonesty and choose to forgive. The author wrote the book so that even the minor characters had intriguing personalities.

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There was so much detail to their personalities and mannerisms they didn't seem so minor. This increased the depth and funny moments of the story which added to the appeal of the book as a whole. If you enjoy a good highland tale filled with fantasy, adventure, and more romance than sex I will be pre-ordering the next in the series.

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I had never read a story written by Lauren Wittig before but when I saw Phil Gigante was the narrator, well I hit the pre-order button without a backwards glance. You see, Phil could read me the phone book and I would sit enthralled for hours. So I figured how bad can it be? Turns out not bad at all. Wittig has woven a story rich in history and Scottish lore.

While I felt this story was a little skimpy on the romance, thus only four stars, I still felt it was a very good story excellently narrated. The intrigue and plot twists were very refreshing and I was very pleased with my purchase. Phil Gigante does a great job as always.

The story was interesting and creative. The idea of the highland targe is a novel one. I like Scottish romances that have a bit of intrigue. There were a few slow parts, but overall I found the audiobook enjoyable. I will likely buy the next in the series. Yes this was a historical Highland romance which, of course, caught my eye straight away being a fan of handsome kilted highland hunks yes I'm that shallow , but when I saw it was read by the Maestro himself - Phil Gigante - I just HAD to get it and before I could say "I love you Phil" it was snuggly in My Library.

It was a well written story as Laurin Wittig is such a talented storyteller and when you hit 'Play' suddenly you're transported to the private rooms of the King of England where you become a willing fly-on-the-wall listening in as a secret evil mission is planned. Then, as the fast-paced moving adventure progresses into the medieval Highlands of Scotland, we encounter Clan conflict, a dying woman, spies, lies, betrayal, murder, revenge, myths, forgiveness, redemption and love.

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Nicholas and Rowan are 2 likeable characters but are on opposite sides and Nicholas has to choose between his mission or love but as he does he's betrayed and the do da unfortunately hits the fan with devastating results. Good supporting cast of characters that help or hinder the 2 lovers but Clan loyalty must come first. I should think book 2 will move the storyline further as the Guardians and the English want the same thing - and I can't wait. Worth a credit?

However, if I had spent a credit on this I would not have been disappointed in the least. I am truly looking forward to hearing what comes next in this series!

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Thank you for keeping it Free to read and listen to thru Kindle Unlimited and Audible. The money I spend for these apps is often more than I can afford, but it is the only thing that allows me to read so many great stories like these, which makes it the only money I spend on myself that's not a necessity every month. I consider it money very well spent! Thank you! The narrator is talented, but his for Scottish accent got in the way of my enjoyment. The storyline is OK but not as good as it was in The authors shrew novel. Any additional comments?

So, the page amount says there's pages but according to my iPad the number is , That being said, I just want to let all those who don't like sex that they can stop reading at and miss all the sex there is in the whole book.

There is a mention of an arousal 2 or 3 times but that's all. This was a really good book, however.. I liked Nicholas and Rowan a lot. No angst to speak of. No silly misunderstandings. Just a great love story with paranormal throw in. I like Jeanette and Scotia, too. Erin just has to try not to set fire to anything. It is a must have volume for organizations that seek to establish and maintain a fully engaged workforce from top to bottom.

As you progress through the book youll also find Erin the Fire Goddess: Betrayal: Betrayal for financial goals and additional pages for journaling. The world at war opened to the children of Chicago a vast reservoir of new interests and topics to be discussed and studied.