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Article 12 September A near-field optical microscopy study provides nanoscale insight into an insulator-to-metal transition and the interplay with a neighbouring structural phase transition in a prototypical correlated electron material. Article 19 September The interplay between spin physics and superconductivity is examined in HgTe quantum wells, revealing a tunable momentum of the Cooper pairs that drives changes in their superconducting behaviour.

A study of the dynamics of so-called Kerr solitons in optical microresonators reports the discovery of a simple mechanism that permits the step-wise reduction of soliton states, one by one. Measure for Measure 05 January Temperature measurement standards rely on highly reproducible states of matter — including eutectic points, as Jonathan Pearce explains.

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Volume 13 Issue 1, January Editorials Editorial 05 January To boldly go China is investing in big astronomy and astrophysics projects, but is still debating the way forward in experimental particle physics. Editorial 05 January A new launch This month we officially welcome our new sister journal, Nature Astronomy. Commentary Commentary 05 January Best of both worlds Secure communication is emerging as a significant challenge for our hyper-connected data-dependent society.

Progress Article Progress Article 19 December New frontiers for quantum gases of polar molecules Recent progress in engineering quantum gases of polar molecules brings closer their application in fundamental tests, ultracold chemistry and the study of new quantum phases of matter.

Letters Letter 19 September Universality of pseudogap and emergent order in lightly doped Mott insulators Surprising observations in the evolution of electronic states in electron-doped iridates provide fresh insight into the melting of the Mott state and might lead to a fuller understanding of corresponding processes in copper-oxide superconductors.

Letter 19 September Optical manipulation of valley pseudospin Valleys in momentum space provide a degree of freedom that could be exploited for applications. Letter 26 September One-dimensional spinon spin currents Spin currents can be carried by electrons and by magnons. Letter 17 October Directly probing anisotropy in atom—molecule collisions through quantum scattering resonances Atom—molecule interactions are orientation-dependent.

Letter 10 October Superconducting qubit—oscillator circuit beyond the ultrastrong-coupling regime A circuit that pairs a flux qubit with an LC oscillator via Josephson junctions pushes the coupling between light to matter to uncharted territory, with the potential for new applications in quantum technologies.

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Letter 05 September Stokes solitons in optical microcavities Solitonic modes that are redshifted due to a Raman-related effect are reported in optical microcavities, and termed Stokes solitons. Letter 12 September Topological defects in confined populations of spindle-shaped cells Spindle-shaped cells readily form nematic structures marked by topological defects. Collection: Active Matter. Letter 03 October Distortion and destruction of colloidal flocks in disordered environments Our understanding of collective animal behaviour generally assumes that flocks and herds move through homogeneous environments.

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Articles Article 26 September Dynamical observations of self-stabilizing stationary light Light propagating through a cloud of cold atoms can be slowed down by exciting a certain type of spin wave in the atomic ensemble. Article 03 October Superfluid Brillouin optomechanics An optomechanical system made of an optical cavity filled with superfluid liquid helium provides the means to study phenomena involving different degrees of freedom than those in traditional solid-state resonators.

Our proposed approach, keys and the arrangement of RMAC parameters are mandatory.

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We have also formulated a formula for all the possible range to choose keys for encrypting and decrypting an RGB image. So this approach can be used for transmission of RGB image data efficiently and securely through unsecured channels. Abstract: This paper presents a comparatively analysis of the fast and saliency feature based tone mapping technique. After analysis of these techniques we had concluded that fast tone-mapping algorithm is most computationally efficient and easy but there may be some halo artifacts.

While in Visual-Salience-based Tone mapping method for High dynamic range images the halo artifacts significantly reduced. Thus salience based tone mapping gives best visual image quality as compared to fast tone mapping method. The visual quality of tone-mapped image, especially attention-salient regions, is improved by the saliency-aware weighting. Experimental results show that the saliency-aware technique produces good results on a variety of high dynamic range images.

Kiran M, Dr. Abstract: In the proposed work, the effectiveness of providing the dampers with various type of arrangement for the structure subjected to real time earthquake ground motion is investigated. A space frame structure with six degrees of freedom is used to study the effectiveness of providing various types of arrangement. Three types of earthquakes are considered for the study. The variation of the structure with dampers is differentiated to the variation of the structure without dampers so as to study the effectiveness of providing various types of arrangement. The response of the structure obtained by providing various types of arrangement is be compared so as to propose the most effective arrangement of providing the damper to resist the structure subjected to earthquakes.

In addition the effectiveness of providing dampers with various types of arrangement for a friction pendulum system FPS base isolated structure will also be studied. A computer program developed for the analysis of fixed base and base isolated structure will be modified so as to provide various types of dampers. Keywords: Base isolated, FPS, dampers, space frame. Abstract: In the present investigation an attempt has been made to study strength characteristics of M30 Grade concrete mixes with the replacement of cement by industrial by products such as Marble Powder MP and Fine aggregate replaced by Bagasse ash SCBA.

The use of pozzolanic materials in concrete has demonstrated the significant influence in improving the properties viz: Fresh properties, setting time and compressive strength. The best approach is to develop a performance based specification of conventional and concrete mixes with different combinations with suitable water powder ratio.

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Further the fresh properties are Slump test and strength characteristics of concrete mixes developed in the laboratory with or without replacement with varying percentages of industrial by-products have been compared and behavior is studied with different curing ages. Keywords: Concrete, Sugar cane bagasse ash, Marble dust. Sahu Abstract: The Impact Testing Machine is very important for testing and calculating the impact energy required to bent or to break the different types of materials by conducting Charpy and Izod test.

M Manimekalai Abstract: Personalized internet search PWS has incontestable its effectiveness in rising the standard of varied search services on the web. Nitin Lonbale Abstract: One of the most important properties of digital information is that it is in principle very easy to produce and distribute unlimited number of its copies. Overall results from this study suggested there was an undeniable enthusiasm amongst teaching staff for using mobile technology, however there were still issues surrounding digital confidence and the pedagogical reasoning for integrating such technologies.

There is still a divide on the role of mobile technologies within the classroom, most likely stemmed from the lack of knowledge surrounding their potential purpose. In conclusion, staff enth usiasm alone is not enough to result in adoption and integration of mobile technology within teaching and learning, there must be a focus on pedagogy and relevance for teaching staff to engage fully.

Keywords: Keywords: learning agility , Higher Education , institutional change , digital scholarship. Abstract Abstract: Electronic testing has become a regular part of online courses. Most learning management systems offer a wide range of tools that can be used in electronic tests.

With respect to time demands, the most efficient tools are those that allow automa tic assessment. The presented paper focuses on one of these tools: matching questions in which one question can be paired with multiple response terms. The aim of the paper is to identify how the types of questions used in a test can affect student result s on such tests expressed as test scores.

The authors focus mainly on the issue of the possible increase in scores that can occur with the use of closed questions, when students, after selecting the answers to the questions they know the correct answers t o, then guess the answers to the remaining questions see Diamond and Evans, , Ebel and Frisbie, , Albanese, The authors show how the number of distractors unused answers included in a question influences the overall test score.

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But not much is known about matching questions. Here the authors will compare the scores obtained for three types of closed questions: multiple choice, alternative response and matching questions. The analysis of matching assignments in this paper demonstrates that they are a useful tool for testing skills.

However, this holds only if the assignment has at least two distractors. Keywords: Keywords: testing , random score , test results , matching type , score formula , formula scoring. After taking a closer look at the search results, the authors discovered that previous res earchers defined and investigated effectiveness in multiple ways. At the same time, learning and development professionals within public and private organisations are increasingly being asked to prove the effectiveness of their learning and development in itiatives.

In this paper, a model for understanding the relationships of the key factor s that influence effectiveness is developed. Keywords: Keywords: effectiveness , e-Learning , adult learning , literature study , definition , measurement. Abstract Abstract: The present paper is based on two empirical research studies.

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Moreover, the positive impact increases when students as learning designers participate in formative evaluation practices. Traditionally, the Danish school has worked hard to teach students to verbalise their own academic competencies. In order to clarify these practices , we address the various understandings of evaluation and assessment that may blur our arguments. Evaluation as a learning practice in a digitalised learning context f ocuses on students as actors, addressing their s.

Keywords: Keywords: Assessment , evaluation , formative evaluation , summative evaluation , self-evaluation , peer evaluation , teacher evaluation , digital learning processes , multimodality , evaluation design , agency , empowerment , reflection , construction of meaning. Young users use literally half their week eng aging in SNSs communication, thereby giving rise to a brand of internet slang which is entirely their own.

The questions asked in the survey increased the identification of the lingu istic features such as the frequency of code switching and erratic spelling and leet, thus expanding the research base.

The survey participants, the majority of who are from the Chinese ethnic group had experienced mother tongue interference in their Engl ish Language proficiency. The descriptive statistical method was used to analyse the questionnaires, wherein the data collected indicated a rather excessive usage of short messaging texts by almost all respondents owning a mobile device.