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The Homeric Legends: Crossing the Threshold

Be the first to write a review About this product. New other : lowest price. Show More Show Less. Pre-owned Pre-owned. No ratings or reviews yet. Be the first to write a review. Her by Pierre Jeanty , Paperback 7. The Institute by Stephen King Hardcover, 3. To get that energy, you eat food and your body breaks down the molecules, adding to the disorder in the universe.

Everything is as big a mess as it can be. The universe has reached maximum entropy. Nothing is hot; nothing is cold. Everything is lukewarm, motionless, unchanging. The way he said it, it sounded like the heat death of the universe might happen next week. We were doomed. I poured myself a second glass of wine and continued sorting the box of papers. I was about halfway through the glass and the box when I found an article by my father, sandwiched between a flyer for discount vitamins and a issue of Archeology Today.

The article dealt with the folkloric meaning of thresholds and borders—specifically, their power over demons and devils. I frowned, thinking about what the old man at the train station had asked me to do. Such an odd thing to say. He was an ordinary old man. In that case, he must have been lost. Why else would he be trying to climb the fence? Was he still wandering around in the neighborhood by the train station?

Suppose that old man was really the devil. I had invited him over the fence and into the world. No doubt, he was out to cause trouble. At that moment, the radio announcer said that an earthquake had struck Nepal just four hours ago—right after I had helped the old man over the fence. Buildings were flattened. People killed. Much trouble. Obviously the timing was a coincidence. It was ridiculous to think otherwise. I knew that. Option number two was unacceptable. He had to be an ordinary old man. But if that were the case, he might be in trouble.

Someone should be looking for him. I could tell by the quality of the silence over the phone line that the cop was not happy with this answer. Then I told the cop about how the old man had been stuck at the top of the fence and how I had helped him over. I thought you guys could look for him. He took my name and address and phone number and that was that. At least for a while, that was that. I had four grocery bags of recycling, one bag of shredding, and a small stack of bills to pay.

What remained on the table were small items that I had found nestled among the papers in the boxes.

Women and Retirement, Crossing the Threshold - Personal Life Coach for Women | Relationship Coach

The items were:. I had just put on the kettle for a cup of tea when I heard the doorbell ring. Two cops stood on the doormat—a smiling woman and a man in sunglasses. They were looking for me. It seems they had found the old man. Before I could ask them anything, the teakettle started whistling. The cops followed me in. I shut off the burner and turned from the stove to find them studying the artifacts on the kitchen table.

The woman was looking at the shrunken head and frowning. The woman was looking around the room, taking it all in. On one shelf: a mummified crocodile about four feet long , a set of canopic jars designed for storing mummified lungs, stomach, intestines, and liver , and a winged penis carved from bone.


This last was a replica of a charm popular among the Romans of Pompeii, just before Mount Vesuvius blew up. On another shelf were four big glass jars filled with dried seahorses, dried tree fungus, seedpods, and what looked like beetle larvae. He was very grateful that you had helped him over the fence.

He had taken off his sunglasses and he looked a lot more human. I picked it up. It was heavy, cool to the touch. My father had shown me a gold doubloon once and this looked and felt like real gold.

The woman looked sheepish. The man was smiling a little.

Crossing the Threshold of Change

And the paperwork would just piss off the sergeant. So we skipped all that. I turned the coin over in my hand. A horse? A goat? The cool touch of the metal in my hand was unnerving. Who gave a gold coin as a reward? I shrugged. I was an only child. I should have warned you. These were San Francisco cops.

He shrugged his dark-blue cop shoulders and pulled a notebook and pen out of his pocket, like a detective on a TV cop show. After the cops left, I called the witch. She came over first thing on Sunday morning. She went by the name of Aradia, and she was a Northern California sort of witch.

By that I mean she dressed in earth tones, she was warm and nurturing, and she had an incredible network of contacts on her iPhone. She looked at the mummified crocodile, the iridescent beetles, the shrunken head, the bones, the statues, the leering masks on the walls, the dusty books on the shelves, and all the other treasured possessions that my father had left behind and she smiled. Both were from Africa. One had a tiny head, a stretched neck, and a beautifully beaded body and the other had a large, disk-shaped wooden head on a thin, unadorned body.

Wise woman, are you thinking about retiring? Or have you recently retired and are still in the process of figuring this new life out? Maybe you can hardly wait to give your notice and jump into your traveling shoes. But most of us never get this ceremony, even if we want it.

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As we walk the spiral of our lives our major transitions are rarely acknowledged. And since we are women of heart and soul, of depth and meaning, of dreams and practicalities, this transition can mean so very much to us — in the years before and after we step out of our historic work roles. There are perfectly good reasons why many of us ponder, struggle, and second guess ourselves as we consider retirement. And there are perfectly good reasons why the first few months away from work can look and feel very different from the years right after retirement and beyond.

We step into vastly different territory on the other side of our structured work lives. Who is the group coaching for? This is for women thinking of retiring, planning for retirement, who have just retired or who have retired years ago and are now thinking more about what and how to create in the years to come.

Do you feel pulled in different directions, ready to take it easy and, at the same time feel the urgent need to make a difference while you can? Have your family and friends already planned out your new life for you?