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Computational Photonics: An Introduction with MATLAB

Skip to Main Content. In this book, the author provides a comprehensive coverage of modern numerical modelling techniques for designing photonic devices for use in modern optical telecommunications systems.

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In addition the book presents the state-of-the-art in computational photonics techniques, covering methods such as full-vectorial finite-element beam propagation, bidirectional beam propagation, complex-envelope alternative direction implicit finite difference time domain, multiresolution time domain, and finite volume time domain.

The book guides the reader through the concepts of modelling, analysing, designing and optimising the performance of a wide range of photonic devices by building their own numerical code using these methods. This book will serve as an invaluable reference for researchers, optical telecommunications engineers, engineers in the photonics industry.

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PhD and MSc students undertaking courses in the areas of photonics and optical telecommunications will also find this book of interest. Joby Joseph Prof. Subrat Kar Prof. Chandra Dr.

Joyee Gosh Dr. Anuj Dhawan Dr.

Vivek Venkataraman Dr. Abhishek Dixit Prof. Vinod Chandra Dr.


March , , IIT Delhi Theory and computational techniques play a very important role in the development of applications of optics and photonics. Using a mathematical model [1] that estimates coupling based on the even and odd supermodes of coupled straight waveguides, we create a multivariate linear regression to learn and save these mode attributes for any shaped waveguides.

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By leveraging this regression, we can accurately estimate this power division ratio for an arbitrarily shaped directional coupler in a matter of milliseconds. Current efforts focus on enhancing the model to not only predict the magnitude of resulting coupled light, but the phase as well using a tweaked but similar model. Lightwave Technol.

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Lab Members. Computational Photonics Using Machine Learning techniques, we seek to accelerate the design of photonic circuits.

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