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The rest, as they say, is history. Directions Golden Gate Park Map. The California Academy of Sciences, home to an aquarium, planetarium, and natural history museum, is a groundbreaking research and educational institution. The San Francisco Botanical Garden at Strybing Arboretum grows and conserves plants from around the world — more than 8, varieties in 55 acres of landscaped gardens and open spaces.

The Golden Gate Park Senior Center is a recreation center dedicated to the enjoyment of quality activities for all seniors age 55 and over. Generations of San Franciscans and young visitors from around the world! No reservations are required for this field. A tightly wooded hole course, this course is fun for beginners and a challenge for experts. This 2. Golden Gate Park never stops blooming, and its gardeners never stop working.

When you visit Golden Gate Park, keep an eye out and an ear peeled for birds nesting, resting, feeding, and singing; you may be surprised by all the activity going on! There is now shuttle service on Saturdays, Sundays, and major holidays from there to locations throughout Golden Gate Park.

Golden Gate Park. Conservatory of Flowers. Music Concourse. California Academy of Sciences. Japanese Tea Garden. San Francisco Botanical Garden. Sharon Art Studio. This is a great idea — especially considering the distances between attractions and the overall layout of the city.

The general rule of thumb is that that closer you are to downtown, the more expensive the hotels are going to be. You can check for the best hotel deals in San Francisco here. They are in no particular order, so give them a read to see which ones you want to check out.

3 Days in San Francisco: Travel Guide on TripAdvisor

We have to start off with one of the things that San Francisco is known for across the world: the Golden Gate Bridge. The Golden Gate Bridge is metres high and shows off its famous red-orange colour. The bridge was inaugurated in May of and includes 6 lanes of traffic spanning the 2. The bridge is visible from very far away — which is probably also good since it can often be very foggy in San Francisco.

You should definitely cross the Golden Gate Bridge if you get a chance. Eric did it by car while Lisa walked we visited separately years apart! For a completely different perspective, you could also consider taking a boat cruise that will pass underneath the bridge. Visit Alcatraz On the ferry approaching the notorious island of Alcatraz. Have you ever heard of Alcatraz? If you are considering a San Francisco trip — the answer is likely!

Alcatraz is a small island in the bay of San Francisco. However, there is much more history to Alcatraz than that so we do recommend that you check it out!

When Lisa visited San Francisco she went on a tour to Alcatraz. Her group hopped on a boat and we were then brought to Alcatraz.

Ferry Building Marketplace

They were lucky and had a really good tour guide that made the Alcatraz tour super interesting. Alcatraz Cruises is the official seller of the Alcatraz Island tour and ferry tickets. You can find their website here. On there you can read more about the different tours that are offered and buy your tickets. This might be possible in exceptional cases, but it is not the norm. If you are looking for an alternative way to see the city and find a package deal , you could check out the city and Alcatraz from the sky before your tour of Alcatraz Island!

Chinatown is definitely a top place to visit in San Francisco.

You can find the entrance at Bush Street and Grant Avenue. The area itself is 24 blocks, one of the biggest Chinese communities outside of Asia. As our local guide, Greg mentioned in his Insider tips for San Francisco article , there are some great restaurants in Chinatown if you want to try some Chinese cuisine. Make sure to get off the main streets and explore the smaller side streets as well! To learn more about the area, you might consider hopping on a walking tour. You can easily join one if you purchase a hop-on-hop-off bus tour ticket.

This neighbourhood, located on the northern edge of the harbour, is a mecca for great food, photographs, and other entertaining things… like seeing the sea lions! The Wharf itself is an area that is made of many piers and other attractions — including the famous Pier Lisa went to the Hardrock when she visited and had a great time. If you are looking for a great harbour cruise, consider a sunset cruise that takes you under the Golden Gate Bridge! Standing majestically at the top of Telegraph Hill, Coit Tower is another one of those classic attractions that make for a great photograph!

The foot tower was completed in Inside, the tower is designed with murals and beautiful frescos that have been created over the decades! These are located mainly on the ground floor which is free to enter. If you want the stunning degree views of the entire area, it costs to ride the elevator to the top.

Prices vary for residents and non-residents.

Find Your Dream San Francisco Neighborhood

You can find the most up to date prices at the official website for Coit Tower. At top of Russian Hill the area , you find the curviest — and most popular — part of the street which is actually much longer. Lisa has never driven the street, but she walked down the steps on the side. The street itself is beautiful because there are lots of green shrubs and flowers — making it great photo opportunities.

The view from the top when walking down also gives you a great view over the city! These wooden, Victorian-style houses were built around the turn of the century. Unfortunately, lots of the houses were destroyed in the fire of but some of them have since been restored. It was definitely cool to see in person having grown up watching those classic shows!

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The Golden Gate State Park is the biggest inner city park in the country approx. However, the park itself is not right in the centre of the city — it is located a little bit further out west and close to the ocean.